Infrastructure and Natural ResourcesWe endeavour to bring projects to bankability while optimising your resource wealth

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We endeavour to provide advisory solutions around the global infrastructure financing gap of over US$1 trillion per year.

By identifying the pain points of each stakeholder involved in the infrastructure project cycle, we aim to shorten the time taken to take projects to financial close. We watch closely the global developments and trends in infrastructure, especially the ‘Belt-and-Road’ initiative and the rise of infrastructure investing as an asset class.

Metals & Mining

Our vision lies in providing countries which are mineral rich with the ability and skills to master the entire mining value chain, especially downstream areas related to pricing and trading. In doing so, revenue gains from nation’s mining wealth may be optimised.

Oil and Gas

In collaboration with the Africa Southeast Asia Chamber of Commerce, we have done studies on Asia’s involvement in the oil and gas sector in Africa, one of the world’s last frontiers in terms of significant resource reserves. At the same time, we monitor closely the development of gas projects in Asia, especially LNG. Major economies such as China, Japan and South Korea continue to be major importers of LNG.

2015 Africa Asia Oil and Gas Special 

A special report in collaboration with the Africa-South East Asia Chamber of Commerce

Ports and Maritime

92% of world trade continues to be seaborne – with ports, and shipping lines playing a major role. Singapore, China and Hong Kong, are home to the world’s busiest ports, and headquarters to major port conglomerates such as PSA and Hutchison. Our ports and maritime practice advise and provide training on issues related to seaport development, port technology, port equipment procurement, and maritime policy.